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Upcoming Event: July 27th

All About Homeschool


-A Come & Go Event-

At the

Groesbeck Maffett Public Library

601 W Yeagua

Groesbeck, Tx 76642



July 27th



A group of local homeschooling parents will have information and discussions about homeschooling, including books and materials, co-op and curriculum information, and personal experience advice.

For more information, please contact the library at (254) 729-3667

Upcoming Events: August 7th & 19th

The Groesbeck Maffett Public Library will be hosting

Insight to Financial Freedom

by Wendi Wilson

at the library: 

601 W Yeagua

Groesbeck, Tx 76642

Join us on

 Monday, August 7th at 5:30pm


Saturday, August 19th at 1pm

Insight to Financial Freedom:

This class will introduce the content of the Financial Freedom program, giving resources and opportunity to find more money in your home budget.

The class will offer new insights, and will motivate and inspire you to get serious with budgeting. You will learn how financial freedom can allow you to have more family trips, give to others freely, and more.

"If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this is the class for you." -Dave Ramsey

Space is limited; to pre-register, call the library at (254) 729-3667, or visit the library.

If you pre-register, you will be entered in a drawing for a prize!

Are You Interested in Genealogical Research

The Groesbeck Maffett Public Library has an excellent selection of genealogy resources! Stop by or give us a call at 254.729.3667. If you have a research request, click here to download a Genealogy Research Request form!

Send emails to:

Interested in Volunteering??

The Not Just Books store is packed with great books and new donations! The Friends of the Library would love to have some new volunteers to help with the increased flow of donations! You do not have to be a Friends member to volunteer. You can choose your own hours, and can volunteer as little or as much as you'd like! All help is appreciated. Give us a call today to see how you can help!


*FRIENDS MEMBERS We would like to remind you that you do not have to attend meetings to volunteer. The library values any time you can give!


Self Service:

Patron Computer to Printer:

Kiosk single sheet B&W              .35

Color copies 8 ½ x 11                  1.00

Library Desk


B&W 8 ½ x11                                       .50

B&W 8 ½ x11   -2 sided               1.00

B&W 8 ½ x14                                    1.00

B&W 8 ½ x14   -2 sided               2.00

B&W 11 x17                                      1.00

B&W 11 x17     -2 sided               2.00

Color 8 ½ x 11                                   2.00

Color 8 ½ x 11  -2 sided              3.00



Scanned documents to email

(up to 4 pages)                                 3.00

Each additional page                   1.00


Faxing: (Incoming and/or


First sheet (and cover)               5.00

Each additional page                   1.00



Laminate 8 ½ x 11                          3.00

Laminate ½ page                             2.00

Each additional page

(no breaks)                                          2.00

Need a Library Card?  
Are You A City Of Groesbeck or Limestone County Resident?
Do you want a Groesbeck Library Card to access thousands of books, materials, ebooks, and data bases?

1.  Visit the Groesbeck Maffett Public Library @ 601 W. Yeagua St. Groesbeck
2. Ask our front desk Library Staff for a Library Card Form
3. Complete all information on Library Card Form
4. Provide a current/valid Texas Driver's License & proof of matching Current Address. Example: "Mail-Utility Bill-Car Insurance"
5. Pay $2.00 for a Library Card {BEST INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR}
6. If you already have a Library Card and need to update your information please call 254-729-3667 or stop by the Groesbeck Library where Library Staff can assist you.

Do you have books and materials of the library? Check your shelves and under the bed the books have to be somewhere the librarian said. Look high, look low the fines are stacking they're staggering steadily growing; the amount of money the library is owed! More funds means more fun for programs, materials and books, so please do your part and help us find books. It's the kind thing it's the right thing they were not free, so bring them back to the Groesbeck Library


Images of American, Limestone County on Sale now at the Library for $21.95


The "Images of America, Limestone County" by William F. Reagan and the Limestone County Historical Commission
Copies are  available at the Groesbeck Maffett Public Library for $21.95!!! This pictorial book is a must have for anyone interested in Limestone County history!
Come by the library today to pick up your copy!


This is a factual narrative of the settlement and organization of one of the older counties in Central Texas. 
Commencing with the Tehuacana Indians, it traces the coming of the Parker family and friends under Robertson,
their dispersal by Indians, other Indian hostility, and attempted settlements.


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