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Groesbeck Public Library Genealogy Program

 June 27th – (10:30-12:00) Using Chronological Timelines  Using chronological timelines to understand and build a social history for your ancestors and to help tell their stories. While vital records are the backbone to research, timelines are the flesh on the bones.

July 25th – (10:30-12:00) Reconstruct Your Ancestors’ World with Google    (Video class with Genealogy Gems)     “A wide variety of rich resources are available for free through Google. But it’s not just Google search that can lead you to genealogy gems. Google’s empire includes a great collection of free online tools that are all powered by the same Google search engine, and many are brimming with historical information. In this case study session, we will flesh out the story of a family tree by using a variety of Google tools, and bring it all together in a compelling video that can be shared with your family.”

August 24th (SATURDAY – Time TBA) Researching African American Ancestry  Our special guest will be Dr. Carey H. Latimor, IV, Associate Professor and Chair for the Department of History at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He will be presenting a program to help understand the research process involved in African American genealogy. Whether you have African American ancestry or not, this class will definitely be beneficial in learning about the process of research as well as the different types of resources available.

 September 26th (10:30-12:00)  Research Using Land and Territorial Records  Land records are an excellent source of genealogy information. When used in combination with other resources (such as tax records and agriculture census records), they can be a great asset to your genealogical research.

October 18th (FRIDAY 10:00 am-8:30 pm)  Annual Genealogy Lock-In   The annual genealogy lock-in is a state-wide program hosted by the Waco Genealogy Library for the Genealogy Network of Texas. The program will include the following classes: Technology Enabled Collaborations for Genealogists; Finding Elusive Records on; Genealogy Basics; Probate: More Than a Will; News Sites and Sources for Military Records and Research; Introduction to GEDmatch; Finding Your Ancestors in Mexico; Dating Family Photos

November 28th (10:30-12:00)  Cold Cases: Brick Wall Strategies – A Step-By-Step Process / The Big Picture in Little Details These are two amazing video lessons by Genealogy Gems, Lisa Louise Cooke that will help you break through your genealogy brick walls.





Are You Interested in Genealogical Research

The Groesbeck Public Library has an excellent selection of genealogy resources! Stop by or give us a call at 254.729.3667. If you have a research request, click here to download a Genealogy Research Request form!

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 For more information, please call the Groesbeck Public Library and ask for Teresa in Genealogy: (254)729-3667