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Upcoming Events: August 7th & 19th

The Groesbeck Maffett Public Library will be hosting

Insight to Financial Freedom

by Wendi Wilson

at the library: 

601 W Yeagua

Groesbeck, Tx 76642

Join us on

Saturday, August 19th at 1pm

Insight to Financial Freedom:

This class will introduce the content of the Financial Freedom program, giving resources and opportunity to find more money in your home budget.

The class will offer new insights, and will motivate and inspire you to get serious with budgeting. You will learn how financial freedom can allow you to have more family trips, give to others freely, and more.

"If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this is the class for you." -Dave Ramsey

Space is limited; to pre-register, call the library at (254) 729-3667, or visit the library.

If you pre-register, you will be entered in a drawing for a prize!

Upcoming Event: Solar Eclipse Program

Eclipse Day- Basic Itinerary

Groesbeck Maffett Public Library

601 W Yeagua St

Groesbeck, Tx 76642

For more information call: (254) 729-3667


Eclipse begins at 11:40am, peak at 1:10pm, ends at 2:40pm


Library Opens at 11:30

- Have book displays

-clips about eclipse playing in the conference room

-coloring pages


At 12:55 pm

-start safety glasses tutorial

At 1:05 pm

-Head outside to viewing area

-have snacks and drinks outside