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Library Reopening: June 1st- PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY

The Groesbeck Public Library Board has approved the reopening of the Library! Our policies will be temporarily modified as we phase into our original operations.  The modified hours will be:

Monday- Thursday, 11am-4pm

(Staff will be in the library working before and after hours, so please read the signs and wait for the library to open even though you see staff inside.)

Reopening Guidelines:

  • Due to limited capacity, computers will be reserved for necessary business. Please do not use the computers for games and recreation. Sessions will be limited to 30 minutes. If you need a longer session, call (254)729-3667 or email and we can reserve you a time frame. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND calling ahead to reserve your computer reservation to ensure an open space and no wait time.
  • 10 patrons will be allowed in at a time, so if you can, please only bring in the minimum number of people necessary, and again, call ahead to make sure you will not have to wait outside/in your vehicle. Texas heat is coming!
  • Our book stacks are open, but we are STILL ASKING YOU TO USE CURBSIDE when possible. We understand that sometimes you need to look around instead of browsing titles online, especially for children’s’ books. If you need to browse the stacks, please keep it brief and be mindful of what you touch.
  • Considering that your visit will be short, we are asking patrons to wear masks, especially when using our publically shared computers.
  • In accordance with the Texas Department of State Health Services, all interactive exhibits and play areas are closed. Because of this, the children’s area will be for book selection ONLY, not recreation. This makes us sad too.
  • Please call ahead to confirm business center prices. WE WILL NOT BE ISSUING CHANGE, so please bring exact change/cash.
  • Wi-Fi can be accessed from the patio or parking lot during the hours of 10:30-4:30, Monday-Thursday.
  • There will not be seating/lounging/coffee areas available at this time.
  • We are not accepting book donations at this time.
  • PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE LIBRARY IF YOU HAVE HAD A FEVER RECENTLY OR DO NOT FEEL WELL. This is not just a current issue the library has dealt with. This should always be practiced.
  • Story Time will not be available in June and is anticipated to begin in July. The early education packets we usually disperse at Story Time will still be available for pick-up at the circulation desk.
  • We want you to feel safe checking out our materials. We will be quarantining all books checked in for a minimum of one week before shelving them.

JUNE Summer Reading programs have been cancelled. AT THIS TIME, we are still planning for a complete July Summer Reading program, including weekly crafts and two performers. Summer Reading calendars will be available soon.

Please know that we are just as eager for normalcy as you are, and we miss interacting with all of you! These guidelines are NOT the new normal, and will be gradually modified as allowed and recommended.

If you would like help learning how to use your library card to check out free ebooks, please email me (Jamie) at:
or through the library’s FB Messenger.

If you are interested in taking free GED classes, please contact us via email: , or a phone call at (254)729-3667. If it is after hours, please leave a message and a call back number!

STORY TIME: MONDAYS @ 10:30AM (temporarily cancelled)



*We notarize for free (special cases may have a fee)


B&W 8 1/2 x 11                                    .35

B&W 8 1/2 x 11 (2-sided)                    .70

B&W 8 1/2 x 14                                  1.00

B&W 8 1/2 x 14 (2 sided)                   2.00

B&W 11 x 17                                      1.00

B&W 11 x 17 (2 sided)                       2.00

Color 8 1/2 x 11                                   1.00

Color 8 1/2 x 11 (2 sided)                    2.00


Scan to e-mail/device                                  

(1-4 pages)         .50

(5-10 pages)     1.00

(11-20 pages)   2.00


(Incoming and/or Outgoing)

Cover & Up to 5 Pages    3.00

Additional pages                .25


Laminate 8 1/2 x 11    3.00

Laminate 1/2 page      2.00

Additional page (no breaks) 2.00

Need a Library Card?  
Are You A City Of Groesbeck or Limestone County Resident?
Do you want a Groesbeck Library Card to access thousands of books, materials, ebooks, and data bases?

1.  Visit the Groesbeck Public Library @ 601 W. Yeagua St. Groesbeck
2. Ask our front desk Library staff for a Library Card Form
3. Complete all information on Library Card Form
4. Provide a current/valid Texas Driver's License & proof of matching Current Address. Example: "Mail-Utility Bill-Car Insurance"
5. Pay $2.00 for a Library Card {BEST INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR}
6. If you already have a Library Card and need to update your information please call 254-729-3667 or stop by the Groesbeck Library where Library Staff can assist you.

Do you have books and materials of the library? Check your shelves and under the bed the books have to be somewhere the librarian said. Look high, look low the fines are stacking they're staggering steadily growing; the amount of money the library is owed! More funds means more fun for programs, materials and books, so please do your part and help us find books. It's the kind thing it's the right thing they were not free, so bring them back to the Groesbeck Library


Images of American, Limestone County on Sale now at the Library for $21.95


The "Images of America, Limestone County" by William F. Reagan and the Limestone County Historical Commission
Copies are  available at the Groesbeck Maffett Public Library for $21.95!!! This pictorial book is a must have for anyone interested in Limestone County history!
Come by the library today to pick up your copy!


This is a factual narrative of the settlement and organization of one of the older counties in Central Texas. 
Commencing with the Tehuacana Indians, it traces the coming of the Parker family and friends under Robertson,
their dispersal by Indians, other Indian hostility, and attempted settlements.


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