Groesbeck Maffett Public Library

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Who We Are

who we are

The Groesbeck Maffett Public Library is located at 601 W. Yeagua St., also known as Hwy. 164. The Groesbeck Maffett Public Library provides free services to all residents living within the Groesbeck city limits and Limestone County area. Services available to other county residents for a TexShare card fee.

The Groesbeck Maffett Public Library's collection is over 40,000 materials including books,  books on tapes, audio books, Texana, genealogy materials, movies, and Spanish/bilingual materials.

In total, over  12,385 items were checked out of the library during fiscal year 2008-2009! In addition to these items, over 12,800 people entered the library to utilize print and electronic reference resources, access the Internet through the library’s broadband connection, enjoy state-of-the-art Wi-fi service, participate in computer,  Internet training, Spanish and (ESL) English Second Language classes, view a Library exhibit, or attend one of the Library’s many children's events.

Our friendly and professional staff is eager to serve you. Welcome to the Groesbeck Maffett Public Library in Groesbeck, Texas!

Our Mission

who we are

It shall be the purpose of the Groesbeck Maffett Public Library to provide services on a fair and equitable basis to all individuals and groups in the acquire and make available to all residents of Groesbeck and Limestone County library materials and resources as needed to become better informed; to cultivate the imagination; to provide opportunity and encouragement for children, youth, men and women for continuous self-education.

The guiding principles for Groesbeck Maffett Public Library