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Groesbeck Public Library


Indoor Activities
  • Art Center Waco has fun hands-on activities for the "child in all of us". Art Center Waco takes visitors around the world with Islamic calligraphy, Japanese origami, Turkish paper making, and French valentine making.
  • Like sports? The Texas Sports Hall of Fame is a great place to learn about a favorite team or player. Interactive displays provide the opportunity to match stride, height, hand and shoe size to those of an average NBA player. Answers to a sports trivia quiz can be found throughout the Hall of Fame. This is one quiz kids will love!
  • Learn about the legendary Pied Piper at the Armstrong Browning Library. Robert Browning composed the popular poem for Willie Macready, a bedridden 10 year-old to read and illustrate. The original pencil sketches drawn by Willie, and the stained glass window depicting the story can be seen at the library.
  • The Dr Pepper Museum is the home of the world's oldest major soft drink. The first floor contains a replica of the drug store where Dr Pepper was invented as well as an animatron of pharmacist Dr Charles Alderton telling the story of its invention. The interactive exhibits designed for younger audiences are fun and educational. The computer game "What's your favorite soft drink?" is great fun for those wanting to test their knowledge of Dr Pepper history.
  • Kids of all ages will find something to discover at the Mayborn Museum Complex. Themed discovery rooms allow kids to try on clothing from around the world, scrape skins and grind corn like Native Americans, stand inside a beating heart, or work on science experiments.
  • Learn how children in the 1880s popped popcorn without a microwave or stove. A tour guide will take you through Earle-Harrison House and show you why children who lived in this house enjoyed spending time in the kitchen.
  • Learn what life was like in the late 1800s while visiting one of Waco's four historic homes. Take a guided tour through Earle-Napier-Kinnard House, East Terrace, Fort House, and McCulloch House and see the difference in how children played.
  • Catch a rodeo or weekend horse show at the Heart of Texas Fair Complex.

  • The Exploratorium, San Francisco
    Learn candy recipes, discover life on other planets, and explore the inner workings of
    the human eye.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
    Take an interactive tour around many of the exhibits offered at this museum such as the Unicorn tapestries, George Washington crossing the Delaware, and The Kitano Tenjin Engi Emaki.

    OMSI- Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry - How did the dinosaurs die? Why did the Titanic sink? And what did the ancient Aztecs use for money?

    The Smithsonian Institution
    Make your own buffalo hide painting, experience the incredible Apollo 11 mission, learn about the World War II bombers and fighter planes, and discover how Lewis and Clark mapped the West.